Porsche 356 – BT5 Super 90 Cabriolet


Model:Porsche 356 BT6 Super 90 Cabriolet

Model Year: 1960
Engine: Flat 4 (1600cm3) - 90 bhp
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Color: Yellow Condor

The Porsche 356 BT5 Super 90 is one of the masterpiece of the Rolling Museum collection.

It’s literally a barn find, that we sourced in the south of France near Montpellier. We started the restoration process and spend more than 3000 hours on the project in our Workshop in Barcelona.

The first step was to eliminate the bad restoration jobs that were done in the past. In fact, these cars didn’t have a big value in the 80′ 90′, and most of the jobs done on the body had the goal to hide the misery, most of the time using a big layer of mastic. The body was very rusty, so we dismantled the car entirely to start rebuilding it from scratch.

In parallel, we rebuilt the engine, the gear box and all the technical aspects of the car.

During a restoration, there are some dilemma and choice that we have to consider. We don’t like when the restored car look like more than new. This is why we kept the original seats, original convertible top, and many other details such as the chromes and door handles.

Now, the 356 BT5 Super 90 cabriolet is weekly driven and belongs to The Rolling Museum Collection,