The story

This story began in the 80s, when Stéphane Vrinat, the supervisor of the project Typ901, is getting more and more passionate about sport cars. These years brought to the world the «sacred monsters» of the car industry – Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959.

At that time Stéphane noticied, that the philosophy of the German brand suits his idea of a sport car : effiicency, durability, reliability and above all some sort of modesty, when compared with the Italian brands.

Our friend had to wait for more than 25 years to see his dreams come true!: «the new century, caused the swift price reduction of my favourite model. ¡In France, it was easy to get a 930 in a very good shape for aprox. 20 000 €! I quickly found my happines in Paris, a 930 Turbo, built 1986, with a milage of 125 000 km and, of course, in «Indio RED » with a black interior. I bought it from Barcelona, by phone, without even seeing the car . Craziness ¡ At that moment my only concern, was if this turbo engine with SO HIGH milage, would still work fine.»

My first 930. It has began, within some years I had 3 different 930s , 4 gears, (including one cabrio), one 930 5 gears, one RUF BTR, one 3.0 SC targa, various 3.2, two 993 TT, one 928 GTS, two 993 cabrio… until this crucial moment, when, in 2014, to start this new project – Typ901, I had to sell my daily driver, fantastic 993 Carrera 2 Cabrio… Red Indian. 

From that very moment I only focus myself on purchases of parts, tools, machinery… and restoration projects, that will make this Typ901 project possible.

We have a team of 10 professionals working on classic Porsche restoration


We are able to respond to any request: car body work, mechanics, electrical circuit, interior


Typ901 was created by our passion to classic Porsche.

When we are working on a Porsche, we love to bring it to its original state, like it was done in Stuttgart. All details and aspects have to be checked and examined. All the function has to work properly, like they did it 20 / 30 / 40 or 50 years ago

At our workshop, there are no shortcuts or half solutions… our only and primary target is to bring all the details to their original state.

We do not have customers, only «amigos», who share the same passion to Porsche classics, like we do.

They bring their cars to our shop to get them back like they were done by the Porsche constructors.

Thank you Mike, Guillaume, Jean Sebastien, Josep, Juan Pedro, Albert, Oscar, Jean Paul, Basel, Regis, Markus, Taco, Stéphane, Carlos, Dani… for your confidence, we appreciate your passion and your patience.

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Stéphane Vrinat - Founder

Stéphane Vrinat - Founder